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The Cupola Module * It's an observation...

The Cupola * (english / italian) 

The Cupola was built in Italy by Thales Alenia Space, for NASA and financed by the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of an exchange agreement between ESA and NASA for the transportation of 5 European external payloads. 
The Cupola is an observation and control module built in Europe under Italian supervision as part of an exchange with NASA. 
As the name itself suggests, the module has a dome design employing 6 radial windows of trapezoidal shape and a circular window at the top measuring approximately 80 cm in diameter. 
Each porthole was developed using advanced technology to protect the silicium made panels from years of exposure to solar radiation, and impact from lose objects. 
Other than housing the control center and its equipment, the Cupola will offer astronauts in orbit a observation point of so to carry out robotic operations outside the Space Station. Including monitoring duties, coupling operations for approaching vehicles, and space walks. 
Due to the clear visual of earth and surrounding celestial bodies the Cupola (cupola) can be used for a wide variety of scientific applications, such as Earth, atmospheric and the universe observation, while at the same time Cupola offering important psychological benefits to the crew.

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