viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

''Guess what...!''


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Internet in danger * Create your own student newspaper


El Gobierno de México firmó el acuerdo ACTA 

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Meaki Com / News * Science * Entertainment * Plus


Meaki ("me-kee") makes it easy for anyone to clip web pages they visit into a visually engaging collection called a Clipset. You can share your Clipsets with the world or keep them private.
People use Meaki Clipsets to share gift ideas, list school hot spots, plan a vacation, buy a car, and the list goes on and on.
And anyone can find a Meaki Clipset by either using a popular search engine like Google or by using the Meaki search box.
We hope the next time you're searching for something on the Web you'll find a Meaki Clipset full of clippings already found by a Meaki user on just what you're looking for.
Have fun clipping the Web, earn badges, follow other users who interest you, and be followed by users with similar interests.          
Then just start clipping what you find interesting...
Come join us, let's clip the Web together.

Wiki News Org * International news in many languages
Bienvenidos a WIKINOTICIAS
la fuente de noticias de contenido libre en la que tú puedes escribir. (spanish)
Welcome to Wikinews * The free news source you can write! (english)

Bienvenue surWIKINEWS

La source d'informations que vous pouvez écrire (francais)
Bem-Vindo(a) ao Wikinotícias,
A fonte de Notícias livre que todos podem editar. (portugues)

Добро пожаловать в Викиновости,

свободный источник новостей, которые может написать каждый! (Russian * Press this link)

Willkommen bei

Die freie Nachrichtenquelle, bei der auch du mitmachen kannst.