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This Day in Astronomy and Aerospace History: October 27
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Manned Space Travel

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  • Apollo Quiz: Are You a Moon Mission Mastermind?

    The Apollo spacecraft flew to the Moon nine times. Each mission was different and discovered new data about the Moon. Each also had its own times of drama and excitement--one more than the others. How much do you remember or know about the Apollo missions?...
  • Image Gallery - Spacecraft in Pictures

    The Space Age has given us some of the most exciting images in history. Rockets blasting off, spacecraft landing, images from other worlds. Here are a collection of some spacecraft in pictures that excited the world.
  • Walking on the Moon Quiz

    It's been more than 40 years since the first man walked on the Moon. Today, NASA is preparing to return. How much do you know about the first expeditions? Let's find out with this Walking on the Moon Quiz.
  • Planetary Atmospheres in the Solar System

    Throughout the Solar System, planetary atmospheres vary to great degrees. Learning about the different features of each, helps humans understand the changing dynamics of Earth and fulfills our general need to explore.
  • Can Von Neumann Save the Human Race?

    How would you like to be the first human to travel to another star? Well, don't get too excited because it might never happen. Your DNA, on the other hand, might just make it with the help of a robot.
  • Space Suits: Past, Present and Future

    Space suit design has changed over the course of time. The basic principle is to maintain an environment that will keep a person alive in the harsh conditions of space. These include controls on pressure, temperature and safety. Steps are being taken...

  • History of Mars Exploration

    Mars has fascinated man since the dawn of civilization. When the space program became a reality, the Soviet Union and United States rushed to gather information about the red planet. Many of these missions failed, however, over the past couple decades...
  • Well Known Female Astronomers to Learn About

    There have been many important female astronomers. Women astronomers have helped expand our frontiers by being the first to discover how to calculate the distance to far away galaxies, among other firsts. Women have been important astronomers since 400...
  • Space Tourism Companies - A Review of Private Industry in Space

    For many years, space tourism has been a blossoming industry, stimulating development and financial investments for many companies. Much of the research and studies of the past decades has begun to come to fruition, as many of these companies begin to...

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