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¿Por qué hay trajes especiales para los astronautas?

Why are space suits used by Astronauts...!

Hey all..! This is an answer for my friend's question...

" why do astronauts use special space suits & what will happen if one of the suits give-way when some one is at space?"

Astronauts use specially designed spacesuits because,

1. The atmosphere at space is oxygen deficient.(absence of air).
2. The temperature at space is not convenient for human life.( sun shade temperatures are in -100 degree Celsius and sun lit area temperatures are more than 100 degree Celsius).
3. The Astronauts must be prevented from Cosmic radiations.
4. They must be prevented frommicrometeorites which move at high speed.

There may be some minor reasons also other than the above specified reasons. The space suits are specially designed to be gas-tight or air-tight. The reason is that when oxygen supplied from the cylinders to the face-visor must not leak outside or the effect of absence of air or vacuum should not suck out all oxygen out from the visor (there-by from the oxygen cylinders). Also if the suit is made air-tight, then when we breathe out carbon-di-oxide, it should be effectively removed from the face-visor to avoid detrimental effects of carbon-di-oxide. It also maintains a pressurized atmosphere like in Earth.
There are various types of space suits used through-out history of space missions. But just for information, I will make emphasis on EMU, the latest of all space-suits.
EMU---Extravehicular Mobility Unit.

  • Weight----------127 Kgs on Earth.
  • Thickness-------Approx 0.5 cms.(13 layers)
  • Atmosphere-----0.29 atmospheres.(pure oxygen).
  • Cost------------$12 million.
So now lets analyze the condition when a space-suit gives way when an Astronaut is at space....!
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