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Culture without frontiers

Culture without frontiers
...and with an open mind, artists who have stood the test of time, stars, discoveries and razzamatazz… Presented by Eve Jackson, from Monday to Friday at 9.45 am Paris time and at 7.45 am on weekends.

French culture - music
Cultural diversity in France
In this edition, Frederic Martel talks about 'The cultural practices in France at the digital age' by Olivier Donnat. How the French respond to American culture? And singer Corneille is in Paris for his new album.

'Samson and Delilah' in the running for an Oscar
In this edition, director Warwick Thornton is our guest for his Australian drama 'Samson and Delilah', about two indigenous teenagers falling in love. And find a huge selection of Halloween Costumes at the National Opera in Washington DC.

US cinema
New-York, star of a film!
In this edition, Rebecca Leffler talks about cinema. After 'Paris, je t'aime', The Big apple version 'New York, I Love You' is released. It is a series of short films about the love of the city. And tomorrow Halloween!

cinema - literature
Charles Timoney helps us to understand French language!
In this edition, British author Charles Timoney is our guest. He helps us to get an inside look at those incomprehensible Frenchies with his book 'A certain..Je Ne Sais Quoi'. And, Bruce Willis is an action hero in 'Surrogates'.

cinema - literature
New version of 'Pride and Prejudice' of Jane Austen
In this edition, Augustin Trapenard talks about Jane Austen classic revisited: "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'. And Bruce Willis is back in action with 'Surrogates' directed by Jonathan Mostow.

Africa - exhibitions - music - sculpture
Sandra Nkaké’s first album 'Mansaadi'
In this edition, singer Sandra Nkaké is our guest. She will be tomorrow night at the Cigale in Paris for her first album "Mansaadi". And let's have a look at the exhibition of Hervé Di Rosa about Sculpture from Africa.

exhibitions - fashion
Bloggers, the new field of journalism
In this edition, Jessica Michault talks about social media-blogging, part of the fashion and the public. Then, traveling artist Hervé Di Rosa takes us to his exhibition in France.

dance - music
Melanie Pain by herself
In this edition, Melanie Pain is our guest. She is one of the main voices of Nouvelle Vague and she wants to make a name by herself with a solo album 'My Name'. And a standing ovation for the Pockemon Crew in Lyon.

dance - music
Music news with Amobe Mevegue
In this edition, our music critic Amobe Mevegue talks about eclectic artists who perform worldwide. He starts with Moby, Rachid Taha and Papa Wemba. Then we will follow at the Lyon Opera the dancers of Pockemon Crew.

contemporary art - music
Expatriate's new album is released today!
In this edition, Ben king from indie rock band Expatriate is our guest. They will be playing at the Paris Zenith tomorrow night. Then, let's go to the Biennale of Lyon taking contemporary art to the streets.

Gay rigths and gay movement
In this edition, let's debate with Frederic Martel around the gay rights. He starts with the story of the gay movement with the book of Julian Jackson until the legalisation ten years ago.

comics - photography - Venezuela
A look at Caracas with photographer Christopher Anderson
In this edition, photographer Christopher Anderson shows us the violent reality of Caracas in a book entitled "Capitolio". Then, a look at the end of the Rome Film Festival, and a happy birthday to Asterix and Obelix!

Haneke's 'White Ribbon' now playing in France
In this edition, Rebecca Leffler talks about 'The White Ribbon', Michael Haneke's film that won the coveted Palme d'Or, which takes place in a rural German town. Then, another film with 'Triage' at the Rome Film Festival.

cinema - contemporary art - technology
A new way to read with the Kindle
In this edition, let's debate with Francis Pisani a new technology specialist and journalist about the future of the book with the Kindle. Then the critically acclaimed 'Sin Nombre' is released and the Fiac starts.

comics - contemporary art - technology
The Book of Genesis written as a comic strip
In this edition, Augustin Trapenard invites us to discover the Book of Genesis illustrated by Robert Crumb. Then, let's debate about the electronic book and don't miss "Sin Nombre" by Cary Fukunaga.

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