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Egyptian archeologists to search for Cleopatra tomb

MOSCOW, September 28 (RIA Novosti) - Egyptian archeologists will carry out new explorations in October to search for the tombs of Cleopatra and her beloved Mark Antony, the head of Egypt's Higher Council of Antiquities said on Monday.
"One of the most important projects is to find the tombs of the famous pharaoh Cleopatra, the seventh in the Ptolemy dynasty, and Mark Antony. These tombs might be located in the city of Taposiris Magna, 50 kilometers from Alexandria," Zahi Hawas said at a news conference in Moscow.
Hawas, who is leading the expedition, said statues of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, coins bearing Cleopatra's image and a large number of tombs had been found next to a temple where the couple might be buried.
"These necropolises on both sides of the temple in Taposiris Magna are important evidence that high representatives of the royal family were buried in the temple," Hawas said.
He said his team would carry out their work in the middle of October, at which time they could find evidence to support their theory.
The archaeologist added that most Egyptian treasures have yet to be found, despite many years of excavations, as only 30% of sites have been explored.
"Seventy percent remain underground. The problem is that all these monuments are under buildings," he said.
Hawas also said that Egyptian authorities would next week demand a Nefertiti bust from a Berlin museum as Cairo has proof the artifact was taken out of the country illegally.
The Nefertiti bust was discovered at the start of the 20th century by a German archeologist who took it to Berlin, where it has since remained.

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